CloudCompli is proud to be recognized by the California Water Board for its winning entry in the Board’s inaugural Data Innovation Challenge.

The Data Innovation Challenge, issued following the CA Water Board Data Fair last month, was to: “create applications, visualizations and other tools to help harness publicly available water data related to climate change adaptation, regulatory oversight, and water quality.”

Partnering with Orange County Public Works, CloudCompli built a GIS application harnessing data from Orange County’s water quality monitoring programs and the California’s Storm Water Multiple Action and Report Tracking System (SMARTS) in order to identify root causes of water quality degradation.


“I was impressed by the ingenuity and innovation exhibited…
and its close connection to the core mission of the Water Boards
to protect water quality.”

– Tam Doduc, California State Water Board


“It was great collaborating with Grant Sharp and his team at OC Public Works,” says Eric Bollens, Chief Technology Officer at CloudCompli. “Addressing the issue of source identification for water quality issues, a problem common to all municipal stormwater programs, is a big step towards incorporating stormwater into the ‘smart cities’ of tomorrow.”

Moving forward, CloudCompli looks forward to incorporating the outcomes of the study into its MS4 platform. To learn more, the paper is available at: http://wqexplorer.cloudcompli.com/paper