Brain storming of essentials to a environmental compliance software

When searching for an environmental compliance software solution, it is important to identify elements that deliver the most return on investment for time, money, and efficiency. Even though compliance regulations vary between industries, the overall characteristics of the core essentials are the same. So, if you are in the market for a compliance software, these are the top eight elements you should look for:

1. Easy-to-Use Interface will make adopting the solution fast and easy. An intuitive interface means little training is required; new users can orient themselves quickly and avoid disrupting their work tempo.

2. Pre-populating Forms facilitate the completion of inspection forms. By alleviating the need to input the same information, inspectors can work faster and reduce errors. This feature is a must have!

3. Data Queries that help you find what you are looking for. Look for a solution that allows you to search your locations not only by name and address, but also by customized tags, location type and status. Having a wide variety of search criteria helps users quickly navigate the software and get back to the important work of performing inspections.

4. Consider the software’s ability to perform Analytics. This function should support the creation on your annual report and help managers supervise their inspectors and ensure the locations they are responsible for remain in compliance.

5. The platform should have Weather Data that pulls from more than one source so as to provide users with predicted weather and actual Weather Data. Having access to both predicted and actual weather will help inspectors prioritize their locations when conducting pre- and during- rain event inspections.

6. Customized Forms are another essential element to effective environmental compliance software. Look for a platform that can generate industrial and commercial inspections forms that are identical to the forms you are currently using. They should be capable of displaying your logo and your signature block so that when inspectors issue a notice of violation or a written warning, there is no question of the form’s authenticity or legitimacy.

7. The platform should offer integrated GIS Mapping showing not just your project locations, but also the location of BMPs, Enforcements and IDDEs. This level of integration ensures no deficiency is overlooked or is left unaddressed.

8. Finally, select a platform that has a Support Team ready to help you. Select a software provider with a Customer Success Team and Development Team that is highly responsive, and standing by to support you if you ever encounter technical issues or discover bugs.

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