builder in hardhat with a stormwater inspection tablets at a construction

Top 4 Stormwater Inspection Tablets

It is no secret the value a stormwater software brings to an environmental program, which traditional methods cannot achieve. With the use of mobile tablets, site inspectors can efficiently collect data, all while reducing the time spent at each site. Tablets allow inspectors to take advantage of software capabilities such as BMP scoring, and auto-populating inspection forms. Going digital makes environmental compliance simple, keeping the inspector productive while on the go. No more repetitive data entry and inconsistency, damaged paperwork due to weather conditions, or bring your camera to work day.

Brain storming of essentials to a environmental compliance software

8 Essential Elements of Environmental Compliance Software

When searching for an environmental compliance software solution, it is important to identify elements that deliver the most return on investment for time, money, and efficiency. Even though compliance regulations vary between industries, the overall characteristics of the core essentials are the same. So, if you are in the market for a compliance software, these are the top eight elements you should look for:

Flying Drone on construction site.

Brace Yourself: The Drones are Coming

Drones are becoming ubiquitous in daily life, particularly because of new Federal Aviation Administration rules that allow for their commercial use. One such application where drones are delivering tremendous value is to construction sites. No matter how big or small, a construction site is an incredibly dynamic environment and drones are becoming increasingly important tools for managing site activity.

From Point Source Data to Systemic Understanding

The stormwater industry collects substantial amounts of point source data to comply with NPDES permits. Operators of construction sites and industrial facilities perform regular inspections, each providing a snapshot of conditions at some discrete point in time. MS4s do this for each facility, as well as monitor outfalls and receiving waters, log street sweeping activities,…