Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is currently undergoing a multi-billion dollar renovation and modification, overseen by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). This LAX development program consists of multiple projects, carried out by many contractors and development firms, spanning a period of several years. Due to its ambitious scope and high visibility, environmental protection is crucial to this project, of which stormwater compliance is a vital piece.

In late 2014, LAWA approved CloudCompli as the stormwater compliance application to be utilized by construction firms involved in this massive renovation. Our application plays a key role in maintaining compliance with strict stormwater regulations on other LAX projects as well, including development of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal, the Central Utility Plant, and the new Southwest Terminal 1 Renovation. The Tom Bradley Terminal is considered to be the largest public works project in the history of Los Angeles, and it will create 4,000 jobs over the course of the four-year construction schedule. http://www.earthcam.net/projects/lax/developmentprogram/

The CloudCompli application provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical paper-intensive process of stormwater compliance. CloudCompli cuts time and costs for LAX development firms in other ways as well. Our software has automated digital forms with site-specific details that mitigate adverse environmental impacts and allow a more proactive workflow; all customized to each construction firms individual needs. The software also customizes tasks and alerts based on each site’s weather and conditions report, notifying users when to perform inspections and what measures, if any, need to be taken. CloudCompli’s automated permits, featuring specific thresholds, helps LAX’s expansive projects stay in compliance with local regulations and keep the surrounding environment protected.

Griffith Company, one of the project’s primary construction firms, has been utilizing the CloudCompli platform for day-to-day stormwater compliance, including weather monitoring, training documentation and weather related compliance audits.

Mike Evans, a project engineer with Griffith Company, working specifically on the new Qantas A380 maintenance facility stated that “CloudCompli has greatly reduced the time we spend on managing stormwater compliance and has freed up our vital resources, allowing us to focus on this high profile endeavor. We are able to provide accurate and consistent reporting across multiple projects to satisfy state and local regulations.”

On a job of this magnitude, staying in compliance in the traditional way costs excessive time and money, when you consider the extra paperwork and labor hours required by the complicated regulations. By using CloudCompli, the compliance process can be completed in roughly 80% less time. The CloudCompli team is proud to be a part of such an important project and, working together with LAX & Griffith Company, we will accomplish our environmentally responsible goals in the most effective and efficient way possible.