Hello everyone, and welcome to the first new features blog post for Cloudcompli.com! We here at Cloudcompli are constantly working to improve our platform, which means that every week we are rolling out improvements, optimizations, and new features to help you stay in compliance. However, we realize that it may be a bit confusing for you when new things start popping up in Cloudcompli or navigation changes throughout the site. In these blog posts we hope to highlight the more significant changes so that our users are not left in the dark as we move Cloudcompli.com forward.

In the last few weeks, we made several improvements to California Non-Caltrans Construction stormwater projects, added new delivery features for inspections and deficiencies, and added an annual compliance to help you keep tabs on potential missing compliance requirements on your projects.

In the past couple months, we have added stormwater support for 4 new states to Cloudcompli.com: Nevada, New York, Florida, Texas. After investigating stormwater compliance in other regions, we wanted to revisit where we started: California stormwater forms, and bring in some improvements and optimizations that we created for other states. There were quite a few things that changed, so if you want the details check out the end of this blog post for a comprehensive list of changes.

As you can see, a lot of our efforts here have been to increase the amount of data we can fill into the reports for you based on information in our system. Our goal continues to be saving you time on all of your compliance related tasks, and cutting down the time it takes to perform inspections should increase efficiency drastically!

Weather pre-population in BMP inspection

Weather pre-population in BMP inspection

We also updated the way you can email reports via CloudCompli. Now, once you finish a report, you can send a PDF of the report, along with any photos you’ve attached and a custom message, with the press of a button. We also added a similar feature for deficiencies so you can forward these along via email as well. To manage who you commonly want to send these emails to, visit the “Email Delivery List” tab within your Project Settings. The addresses you add there will automatically be added to the list of recipients when you go to send a report or deficiency.

Email Delivery List

Email Delivery List Page

In addition to these improvements to the platform, we’re also working on a brand new feature to help you manage compliance. An early beta is available for California Non-Caltrans projects under the new “Compliance Tracker” menu item on the left. Our goal with this is to give you a snapshot of where your projects stands with stormwater compliance. This tracker will show periods on your project where you may be missing requirements for compliance. This includes rain events, likely precipitation events, and qualifying storm events. If you have a California Non-Caltrans construction project, you can check out this dashboard today! We will be adding the Compliance Tracker to other project types in the future.

Rain Events Section in Compliance Tracker

Rain Events Section in Compliance Tracker

Change list for California Non-Caltrans Construction Project forms:

  • Quarterly Visual Inspection:
    • We have removed this form and merged it into the existing “BMP Inspection” as a new inspection type that you can select on page 1.
  • BMP Inspection:
    • Added a “Quarterly” inspection type. If selected, two new sections will be added to page 4 (“Additional Quarterly Observations” and “Quarterly Site Inspections”) to cover the special questions for a quarterly inspection.
    • Added a “Comments” box underneath Visual Inspection Exemption.
    • Added “Probability of Precipitation” to weather section.
    • Added a “Comments” box underneath each BMP observation. These comments will be printed on the form directly below each BMP’s respective section.
    • If a BMP is marked as deficient, and action is required, you can enter in deficiency details right there. On the output, these deficiencies will show up with the other deficiencies (part III on the resulting PDF).
  • Rain Event Action Plan (REAP):
    • Added pre-population from the last REAP filled out for that project.
    • Added pre-population of weather section from Project weather data. (see first screenshot above).
    • Improved layout consistency with other forms.
  • Effluent Sampling Log:
    • Added pre-population of sampler name from your profile.
    • Improved layout consistency with other forms.
    • Added pre-population of sampling locations (but not results) from previous sampling log.
  • Oversight Inspection:
    • Added pre-population of questions and deficiencies from prior oversight inspection.