The innovative Cloudcompli system was recently deployed to help manage stormwater compliance during construction of the West Arroyo Parking Structure at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Operators of construction sites face two major weather-related compliance challenges. First, site operators are required to gather weather reports each day from NOAA.GOV and then use that weather data to take necessary action in the event that rain is predicted, such as preparing pre-rain reports. Secondly, site operators must then use an onsite (or nearby) rain gauge to track precipitation levels during each storm. The operator may then be required to perform rain event reports or take run-off samples to show their site is discharging water compliantly.

Cloudcompli was instrumental in helping Swinerton Builders overcome both of these weather-related hurdles. Through an established connection with NOAA.GOV, our system automatically pulled weather forecasts every morning and then used that data to notify the builders of upcoming rain events via email or text message. Cloudcompli also utilized a connection to Weather Underground, and their network of over 90,000 weather stations, to further automate the compliance process. Using their onsite rain gauge, Swinerton was able to input their rain data into Cloudcompli’s system, allowing us to trigger additional alerts to take action in the event of substantial rain.

“The Cloudcompli application has helped us reduce the time and effort required for swppp compliance on our project. The weather alerts and digitized forms are especially useful in not only saving our time but also simplifying the process so that we can stay in compliance.”

– Kevin Hermereck, the project manager for Swinerton Builders

Cloudcompli takes pride in the fact that its state-of-the-art technology alleviated stress for Swinerton’s site operators, while saving them time and assuring they stayed in compliance… rain or shine.