silhouette of Environmental Consultant performing a site inspection on a construction site.

Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce. I can remember when environmental compliance inspections were completed with pen and paper. I bet eight-out-of-ten people today don’t even know what “carbon-copy” paper is, let alone ever used it. But there I was, pressing hard against my clipboard with a ballpoint pen hoping the bottom sheet of my carbon-copy inspection form would be legible. Back at the office, I’d spend precious time sorting through the pictures I took in the field, trying to recall which photo matched with the dozens of work-site deficiency I annotated. And the woes of the annual inspection! Come to think of it, the annual inspection is again coming due. Good thing times have changed.

Good thing data collection has gone digital and forms are finally free of ancient carbon-copy technology. Good thing I can attach pictures directly to my inspection reports and complete workflows in the field. This reduces the hassle and time spent in the office. What a relief to use CloudCompli, streamlining everything from submitting reports to records retention. I used to use floppy disks and filing cabinets. Now I can run reports right from my mobile tablet on a secure data link. Finally, the future is here!

I was on a work site last week, conducting an inspection and saw a delivery get signed for on a tablet. Amazing technology, these tablets, but without the right software they are just expensive clipboards. The CloudCompli software auto-populates my inspection form saving me the irritation of having to input the same data week-in and week-out at the various project sites. This saves me a ton of time and reduces human error. Don’t get me wrong, I am not prone to careless mistakes, but my clients love knowing that data auto-populates just as much as I love relying on this function. The offline capabilities of CloudCompli are great too. They keep me chugging along even if I find myself conducting an inspection in a cellular service dead zone. Just sync my tablet after I get back to my truck, and off I go to the next inspection site.

With weather tracking and data analytics, I can be proactive on the inspection site rather than reactive. And CloudCompli helps me increase my operational efficiency since I can service more customers. My ability to track deficiencies and BMP’s helps me keep everyone in compliance. And if issues ever do pop up, I quickly help them get resolved. I have the peace of mind knowing that my data is backed-up daily and that my clients remain in compliance.

Oh, and annual reports? They’re a breeze, these days. The future really is all it’s cracked up to be…now, where are those flying cars?

If your environmental consulting company is looking to increase inspection efficiency while decreasing inefficiencies, give us a call. We have an expert ready to answer questions you might have. We are always here to help.