Wherever you are, whether it is in California, Minnesota, Florida, or elsewhere in the world, stormwater management is a crucial part of being environmentally responsible – both as a resident and as a commercial or industrial enterprise.

Stormwater management simply refers to the management of surface runoff which results from rain or snow melt.

Surface runoff or stormwater runoff is water that flows over the land as opposed to seeping into the ground. It originates in most cases from heavy rainfall or snow melt, and runs over land to the nearest drain, creek, stream, lake, river, or ocean. It is untreated. As such, stormwater runoff is a huge contributor to waterway pollution, and it is the responsibility of industries and other private and commercial entities to maintain stormwater compliance in line with local laws and guidelines.

When it rains, part of the rain seeps into the ground or is captured by trees and other plants. The remainder of the water flows overland downhill to the nearest creek, ditch, drain, or waterway. Thanks to urbanization, natural land which used to capture large volumes of rain has been lost and much rain is now unable to seep into the ground. This natural land is now inhabited by streets, rooftops, parking lots, and means that the stormwater must find another way to reach the nearest drainage system.

Aside from sheer volumes of stormwater that flow in urban areas, the issue is that stormwater collects pollutants as it flows overland. These pollutants include bacteria from human and animal waste, nutrients and chemicals from garden fertilizers and pesticides, sediments, petrol by-products from leaking cars and other vehicles, and metals from rooftops, as well as industrial substances. Pollution can originate over a large area or from a single source. Whatever its origin, it can be very harmful to the environment, including humans, animals, and plants.

Stormwater management is also crucial to prevent local flooding and land erosion.

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