Unless you have already needed to facilitate it, the term “stormwater management” is likely to be a little confusing the first time you hear it. What does it mean? And how is it important to you?

Stormwater management is a part of stormwater compliance. This is a responsibility by law of municipalities and certain other entities such as farms, and to be permitted to discharge any stormwater from your premises you need to have an active, effective, and up to date stormwater management plan.

The responsibility of stormwater compliance becomes much easier to handle when you use a stormwater app or stormwater management software. It makes it much simpler for everyone to understand their responsibilities when it comes to how to handle stormwater in your premises; from how it is discharged to how to keep pollutants out of it.

The software for stormwater management that CloudCompli delivers turns raw data that is collected during inspections into clear reports for streamlined management of stormwater.

It is always a good idea to call in the professionals unless you are well appraised of how to complete a stormwater inspection. Whether a professional does the job or you do it yourself, a stormwater app offers a vast array of benefits during the inspection process.

Some things a stormwater app can offer you include integrated mapping of your premises, workflows for your specific site, forms that are mobile optimized, and a user-friendly interface. A great stormwater app is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows, and will allow you to save data collected while you are offline. Other valuable features will include weather automation, annual reporting, data migration, and secure archival of data collected. You will also have access to alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAAA) for rain, wind, and temperature extremes.

Premium stormwater management software is cloud-based and will easily support all of the most common requirements for MS4s. some of these requirements include monitoring and inspections, detection of illicit discharge and its elimination, and annual reporting. Education of the public regarding stormwater compliance is also an important factor.

Stormwater management is the responsibility of everyone – but it is not a simple process. A stormwater app can make the entire procedure much easier to understand and complete compliance.