Case Study Granite

Granite is a construction company that works in
transportation, government, mining, oil & gas, power, and
other sectors.

As one of the largest diversified heavy civil contractors and
construction material producers in the country, SWPPP reporting is
a persistent concern for them.

A variety of needs and wants

When searching for a compliance management software, the team had a variety of needs and wants, including:

saved them over $10,000 per site annually.

reduction in report generating

• Ability to electronically complete an inspection.
• Ability to generate an inspection report in a customizable format.
• Good photo management.
• iPad compatible.
• Self-sustaining.
• Reasonable cost.

• Offline capability.
• E-mail notifications.
• Auto-population of project information.
• Connection to forecast data.
• Data/document archiving.
• Dashboard functions, such as trend tracking.

With CloudCompli, the team was able to get the functionality that they were after, which resulted in a substantial return on investment.

For a given site, the company performs up to 90 inspections per year, including weekly, pre-storm, during-storm, and post-storm inspections. At an inspector cost of $75 per hour, with each report taking about 3 hours to generate, this equates to $20,250 per site per year. Using CloudCompli, the company reduced reporting time to 1.5 hours. This 50% reduction in report generating time saved them over $10,000 per site annually.