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Sapphos Environmental, Inc.


Sapphos Environmental, offering planning, resource management and environmental compliance services, was hired by the City of LA to ensure stormwater compliance for the Metrolink Green Line extension through Inglewood to Los Angeles World Airport. With a rainy winter in 2017, Sapphos wanted to assure its new client that they were well-equipped to handle environmental compliance demands along the 8.5- mile railway extension project.

The Challenge:

Caltrans projects have strict requirements related to Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE), outfall monitoring, water sampling and annual reporting. In order to navigate these requirements on such a large project, Sapphos needed a platform that would facilitate a wide variety of inspection types. They needed a solution that helped them address deficiencies quickly when they occurred, and that reporting requirements were met when LA County or the regional water board demanded a status of the project.

The Solution:

CloudCompli built specialty forms that meet Caltrans reporting requirements, and ensured that permit triggers were in place. Now, inspectors would know when they needed to inspect which area of the site, and which areas of the site were most deficient. With the help of CloudCompli, the task of managing the Metrolink Green Line corridor expansion not only became more manageable, but Sapphos was able to take on additional clients at the same period. With CloudCompli, Sapphos ensured their client was happy and felt comfortable taking on additional clients at the same time.

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