MS4 Permit

Runoff from rain water and snow melt is known as storm water, and the discharge and treatment of this has been regulated for more than twenty years. A municipal separate storm sewer system is the system of gutters, curbs, drains, channels, ditches, streets, and catchments which carry stormwater flow.

MS4 Permits are required legally according to regulations set down by the Municipal Storm Water Permitting Program to manage discharge of storm water in municipalities of all sizes from rooftops, streets, parking lots, and paved spaces. Any large or impervious surface will increase the flow of storm water, and MS4 permits exist to minimize the impact of storm water flow both in urban areas as well as in waterways. It also aims to reduce pollution in our waterways and water supply that results from storm water discharge.

MS4 Permits are of two kinds:

  • Phase I applies to medium or large municipalities of populations larger than one hundred thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand respectively.
  • Phase II applies to smaller municipalities of fewer than one hundred thousand persons.

CloudCompli is here to make the process of obtaining and keeping your MS4 Permit less complicated. Our app and software platform is cloud-based, and it supports all of the common MS4 requirements. These include inspections monitoring, public education, detection and elimination of illicit discharge, and annual reporting. By investing in our stormwater compliance app, you will empower your team to operate more efficiently, completing tasks in less time, reducing costs, and minimizing risks. Most importantly, you will help protect and preserve the environment.