CloudCompli has the ability to:

  • form outputs matching industry templates, including Caltrans, CASQA, etc.;
  • locally-compliant inspections meeting permit requirements (local and DOT);
  • weather alerts and rain-logging based on NOAA and on-site weather stations; and
  • workflows with integrated deficiency and task tracking.
Granite Construction Inc.

When Granite, one of the nation’s largest diversified infrastructure providers and construction materials producers, was in need of an environmental compliance management software they contacted us.

The Challenge

With a focus on sustainability and a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, Granite was in search of a management tool that would ensure strict compliance at their 150+ worksites throughout the region. With so many sites, they needed a platform that could be accessible by managers and inspectors working in the field. Granite needed to ensure their workflows were captured in the digital environment and that their forms were exactly replicated. Lastly, Granite needed a platform that would service construction sites and fixed industrial sites.

The Solution

Granite adopted CloudCompli and quickly saw how the digital workflows enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of their work. They were able to save time and money and in 2013 were recognized with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and Caltrans Excellence in Stormwater award. Granite now creates hundreds of inspection reports a year on CloudCompli. They can complete annual reports on time and within compliance regulations, and their records are safely backed-up on cloud-based servers.