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CloudCompli has the ability to:

  • inspection forms that conform to new permit requirements;
  • access to sampling forms and workflows from any device;
  • SWPPP creation tools for the new CA Industrial Permit; and
  • intuitive project site mapping, which catalogues BMPs and deficiencies.
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

CloudCompli has configurable solutions for California’s Industrial General Permit and Construction General Permit, including for County-administered sites and for oversight of third-party sites. CloudCompli’s IGP and CGP solutions currently provide paperless data collection, alerts, deficiency tracking, and both site-specific and organization-wide analytics, for over 2,000 industrial and construction sites in the State of California. When one of the largest utility company in California, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), needed a management solution for its Linear Underground/Overhead Projects (LUPs), they trusted CloudCompli to offer their best-in-class software solution.

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The Challenge

With more than 16 million customers in more than 70,000 square miles in northern and central California, PG&E disrupts a lot of land. That means they are subject to stormwater compliance regulations throughout the state. In order to comply with the regional water boards, they work with a significant number of contractors and subcontractors who help PG&E maintain site compliance related to potential and actual stormwater pollution. PG&E needed a platform that could facilitate the segmented workflows for the various contractors.

The Solution

CloudCompli offered PG&E as well as other utility companies, manufacturers, chemical producers and oil and gas companies the ability to execute their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) with accuracy and efficiency. CloudCompli’s robust infrastructure ensures companies working in heavy industries can meet the demands placed on it by regulators and the expectations placed on it by the public.